Why isn’t there an adapter for VGA to HDMI?

An introduction to the VGA to HDMI converterWhen it comes to moving media between formats, many have wondered why there isn’t a simple adapter for VGA to HDMI cords. The answer lies in the type of signal provided by the different cables. This article describes how these converters work and some of the options available for purchase to use for media playback. VGA cables provide analog video output, while HDMI cables provide digital video and audio output. Component video cables are also digital cables that provide images and sound. To properly switch between these formats, you need a VGA to HDMI converter.

If you wanted to watch a movie from your computer on an external monitor, you may need a VGA to HDMI converter. Often, computers only provide VGA or DVI outputs while monitors and TVs sometimes only provide component or HDMI inputs. More and more TVs are providing analog inputs, but many still do not. Do some research and check the back of your TV for the inputs before buying anything. If your computer provides a DVI output, it can be adapted without a converter to another digital cable, but DVI does not support audio. You will need another cable to send the audio to your external device. If your computer provides only an analog output, you will need a converter to properly send a digital signal to your TV.

Companies like Monster and Atlona sell these devices. Prices are generally around $50-$80 for wired versions of these devices. If space is an issue for you, the converters are usually pretty small and rectangular in shape, meaning they can fit in many different places with ease. Many of these converters perform more than one conversion as well. Often, they take several different types of analog signals as inputs and output multiple types of digital signals. You should do some research and shop around before purchasing the device that fits your needs best.

If having wires lying around your house is an issue, Monster and Atlona provide devices that can convert the analog signal to digital using a wireless signal. These cost around $100, but may be worth it to save the hassle of loose wires lying around. Be sure to read the reviews online before purchasing, though, because some of the wireless devices don’t have very good range and may not work exactly how you expect them to. Wired or wireless, it’s up to you to find the right device for your situation.